Episode 4

Ok Guys! Finally getting the episode out, sorry for the wait. Today we talk about the Dev Q&A and launch plans. gotta say though, this time… our Audio… works : D. we’re getting better at this I swear! well… except for the derailing… Many trains have been lost this week. Thank you all for being so patient and we hope to see you soon!





Daniel C. – Host

calpheonsyndicatepodcast@gmail.com <–feedback goes here

InkHeart – Co-Host

Contact info to come. Please support this talented artist!

The Fuul – Co-Host

A Wonderful Fellow! give him some love



Deej – Co-Host

I forgot to type down his contact info…. sorry Deej


Music Used:

Sad Day – Bensound

and either Acousticbreeze or memories – Bensound

This guy has some pretty awesome loyalty free music under creative commons liscenses, check him out!



and finally


@SempeiGoogle notice me. Black Desert Online Podcast news story lore discussion. Black Desert Podcast, black desert, black desert, podcast.


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