Episode 3!


I apologize for the long wait, things came up with some of the crew that caused us not to be able to get this episode out promtply. Now I couldn’t ask for forgiveness without a message that we will do better! some structure changes should allow for us to put these out in a timely manner! I do very much so thank all of you for stopping out here. Though I hope the improvement in sound quality is at least a plus! as we get more experience, I can only imagine the quality getting better.

About this episode: TODAY we stop straightforwardly telling how awesome the game is going to be and start to get into some current issues. one of the big topics you will hear is about forum trolls and players who have intent on bad etiquette. We follow up with some PVP talk and try our best to answer the question “What Class is the best at pvp?”. We get another schooling from Deej and a nice conversation between the guild master and her lieutenant Vahris (Fuul, don’t kill me for spelling that worng).

And yes… I know… we went a little over an hour again.



Daniel C. – Host

calpheonsyndicatepodcast@gmail.com <–feedback goes here

InkHeart – Co-Host

Contact info to come. Please support this talented artist!

The Fuul – Co-Host

A Wonderful Fellow! give him some love



Deej – Co-Host

I forgot to type down his contact info…. sorry Deej


Music Used:

Sad Day – Bensound

and either Acousticbreeze or memories – Bensound

This guy has some pretty awesome loyalty free music under creative commons liscenses, check him out!



and finally


@SempeiGoogle notice me. Black Desert Online Podcast news story lore discussion. Black Desert Podcast, black desert, black desert, podcast.


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