Episode 2


Hey there guildies! Today we bring you episode 2 of our BDO podcast. A new Challenger arrives in the form of Deej! The Fuul brings in a couple of FAQ quesitons that we discuss as we start digging into the meat of things. Our story time covers the begging of the world lore from the perspective of Fuul’s Character. We hope you enjoy!

Good news is that Ink and I now have a much better microphone to record with so going forward after this episode, our sound quality should be much better.


Daniel C. – Host

calpheonsyndicatepodcast@gmail.com <–feedback goes here

InkHeart – Co-Host

Contact info to come. Please support this talented artist!

The Fuul – Co-Host

A Wonderful Fellow! give him some love



Deej – Co-Host

I forgot to type down his contact info…. sorry Deej


Music Used:

Sad Day – Bensound

and either Acousticbreeze or memories – Bensound

This guy has some pretty awesome loyalty free music under creative commons liscenses, check him out!



and finally


@SempeiGoogle notice me. Black Desert Online Podcast news story lore discussion. Black Desert Podcast, black desert, black desert, podcast.


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